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24 April 2012The website of the Department Sustainable Chemistry of the uft has moved. This page serves as an archive for information not found on the new site.
October 12, 2009New tasks for Stefan Stolte: He will participate in a "Marie Curie Actions Networks for Initial Training (ITN) Programme" called "MINILUBES-Mechanisms of interactions in nano-scale of novel ionic lubricants with functional surfaces". Although he will spend each 6 months in Poland and Spain as well, he will also remain the contact person for the department "Sustainable Chemistry".
July 1, 2009We have a visiting student from the Jacobs University of Bremen: Joseph Kiprotich from Kenia is passing an internship and dealing with ion chromatography of anions of ionic liquids. He will stay with us until end of August.
March 1, 2009Our group is very pleased to welcome a new scholarship holder of Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt: Justyna Grzelak! During the next twelve months Justyna will work on (eco)toxicology of environmental chemicals.
January 31, 2009We are very pleased that members of the UFT have decisively participated in writing three papers which are very popular with the Green Chemistry Journal. The following publications have been listed in the “Top Ten” for November 2008 respectively in the “Hot Articles”: Annegret Stark, Peter Behrend, Oliver Braun, Anja Müller, Johannes Ranke, Bernd Ondruschka and Bernd Jastorff, Green Chem., 2008, 10, 1152: Purity specification methods for ionic liquids. --- Marianne Matzke, Stefan Stolte, Karen Thiele, Tanja Juffernholz, Jürgen Arning, Johannes Ranke, Urs Welz-Biermann and Bernd Jastorff, Green Chem., 2007, 9, 1198: The influence of anion species on the toxicity of 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids observed in an (eco)toxicological test battery. --- Daniel A. Waterkamp, Michael Heiland, Michael Schlüter, Janelle C. Sauvageau, Tom Beyersdorff and Jorg Thöming, Green Chem., 2007, 9, 1084: Synthesis of ionic liquids in micro-reactors - a process intensification study. ---
December 31, 2008Ioana Stan has finished her work at Bremen and unfortunately left our group at the end of this year - we will miss her very much. Good luck and all the best for you, Ioana!
November 1, 2008In connection with a new project, Christian Jungnickel has returned to our group and is temporarily working in Gdansk and Bremen.
October 21, 2008Members of the UFT and the department „Sustainable Chemistry“ (Jorg Thöming and Stefan Stolte) are involved in the organisation of the „Chinese-German Workshop on Ionic Liquids“ – in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Urs Welz-Biermann, Director of China Ionic Liquid Laboratory (CHILL). The workshop will take place at Dalian/China from November 2–5, 2008. For more details see CHILL-Homepage.
October 13, 2008We have two guests from University of Gdansk who will stay with us for 3 weeks each: Aleksandra Markowska arrived at October 6th and is working on analytics; Dr. Malgorzata Czerwicka is with us again since today and will continue her work in the field of ecotoxicity.
August 13, 2008We are glad to welcome two new PhD-students in our team: Jennifer Schmeier (since July 1, 2008) and Chul-Woong Cho (since August 1, 2008).
June 7, 2008Dr. Ewa-Maria Siedlecka from University of Gdansk, Poland, will work with us until end of June 2008, in order to analyze the electrochemical degradation of ionic liquids.
May 23, 2008We are sorry that Johannes Ranke, member of our group for many years, will leave us on June 30, 2008 and work in Switzerland – we will miss him. Good-bye and good luck, Johannes!
January 11, 2008On the website of the new CLEAN journal of Wiley-VCH there is a news entry about our recently published article 'Thinking in Structure-Activity Relationships — A Way Forward Towards Sustainable Chemistry'
December 14, 200711 am, UFT 1790 Jürgen Arning defends his PhD thesis entitled "Structure-activity relationships for an ecotoxicological hazard assessment of selected isothiazol-3-one biocides and ionic liquids"
October 25, 2007Since the activities of our working group - the Department 3 of the UFT - are not restricted to the field of bioorganic chemistry any more, we are now changing our name to be the "Department Sustainable Chemistry", since this reflects the range of our activities in a much better way.
October 19, 2007Stefan Stolte defends his PhD thesis and earns a "summa cum laude"! Our team is very happy about this success.
October 1, 2007After Prof. Jastorff’s retirement end of September 2007, Prof. Jorg Thöming has taken the guidance of the group “Bioorganic Chemistry”.
September 18, 2007Last Friday we were able to surprise our esteemed group leader, Prof. Dr. Bernd Jastorff with a small farewell party on the occasion of his retirement which will be in the end of this month. Apart from the obligatory addresses some bits of music could be heard, as well as a poem that was quite amusing.
September 5, 2007After successfully finishing her Diploma thesis, Salha Abdulkarim will now join our working group again, continuing her work in biodegradability of ionic liquids, and additionally looking at some other open research questions. Welcome!
June 18, 2007Our colleague Anja Müller has taken on a position in the group of Prof. Nugent at the Jacobs University. We miss her, but also wish her good luck!

On the other hand we are glad about Alaa Othman supporting us in maintaining and improving our IL database.
May 4, 2007NOP Logo Today it became known to us that the literature price of the Fonds der chemischen Industrie 2007 will be awarded to the NOP project. Prof. Koenig will be at the award ceremony in September, and the price will be invested in the further development of the NOP.
January 2007The new year starts with the Basic Module in Bioorganic Chemistry for the Master Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
March 2006We are happy that Frauke Nehen started her Diploma thesis in our group. She is working on hydrolysis and degradation of isothiazolone biocides and ionic liquids.
January 2006Congratulations for their new jobs to Matthias Dünne, now employed by OHB System AG and Dr. Christian Jungnickel, now teaching in the group of Prof. J. Hupka at Gdansk University of Technology
October 4, 2005As the last visiting scientist via the GRATE project, Dr. Ewa Mulkiewicz has arrived. She will stay here until Christmas. Welcome!
September 01, 200510 am, NW2 C 0300 Matthias Dünne defends his dissertation entitled "Advancement of an aquatic microcosm from space research for prospective evaluation of chemicals"
July 29, 2005The internationalized version of the new and more sustainable organic chemistry lab course (NOP) is now publicly available at www.oc-praktikum.de instead of the old German-only version.
June 22 2005The final extended (3.6 MB) version of the talk about toxicity assessment is now here. Also, you can find the talk about the NOP here (pdf,4.5 MB).
June 15 2005The slides for the lecture "Toxicity assessment for Green Chemistry - methods, insights, uncertainty and ignorance" at the 2nd International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry in Washington are available here (pdf, 1.4 MB).
Mai 24, 2005UFT 1790, 3 p.m. Hartmut Gillandt defends his PhD thesis entitled 'Bedeutsame Innovationen auf dem Gebiet enantiomerenreiner myo-Inositphosphate - Anwendungen in der Synthese und im Zellexperiment'
May 17, 2005The PDF-presentation of today's lecture on separation by chromatography can be found here.
April 06 2005For your convencience, I am posting the links to the mobile lecture on chromatography and to the German book on Thinking in terms of Structure-Activity Relationships (T-SAR) here in the news.
April 15th, 200510:00 am, UFT 1790 Christian Jungnickel successfully defends his PhD thesis "Contaminant transport in unsaturated clayey soils: An experimental study of the transport of sodium fluoride in unsaturated kaolinite"
March 30 2005The first booklets with CD-ROM describing the NOP, the new and more sustainable organic chemistry lab course have arrived.
March 2005We proudly announce the lab interships of Ioana Stan and Birgit Caesar-Geertz.
March 2005Dr. Frauke Stock has changed to the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency), where she is now busy with ecotoxicological data from industry. We are happy about this success!
January 11, 2005Starting from now, we are providing an RSS Newsfeed with URL http://www.uft.uni-bremen.de/chemie/rss_en.xml.
January 2005We are happy to have Wojciech (Wojtek) Mrozik from Gdánsk University as a guest scientist in our group for a while.
November 17th 2004The corrigendum to our article on cytotoxicity of imidazolium ionic liquids has now been published: The second sentence in the abstract should read "Effective concentrations in these test systems are generally some orders of magnitude lower than effective concentrations of the conventional solvents acetone, acetonitrile, methanol, and methyl t-butyl ether" instead of "Effective concentrations in these test systems are generally some orders of magnitude lower than the toxicity of the conventional solvents acetone, acetonitrile, methanol, and methyl t-butyl ether." The author team regrets the error.
November 8th, 2004The Gruppe 2004 presents its Memorandum called "rethinking higher education". There is also a short version. Prof. Jastorff is coauthor on this. Only available in German.
November 2004Stefan Stolte now has a research grant to continue in our working group after his Diplomarbeit!
November 1st, 2004We are happy about Andrea Böschen joining our group!
17.09.2004Frauke Stock successfully defends her PhD thesis "Zelluläre und subzelluläre Testsysteme zur Beurteilung des biologischen Gefährdungspotenzials von Chemikalien im nachhaltigen Chemikaliendesign"
End of Juli 2004The first official version of "drfit" has been made avaliable on CRAN. drfit is a library for R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. drfit helps in modelling dose-response relationships and calculating (eco-)toxicological parameters.
April 2004We are happy to welcome Jürgen Arning as a PhD student in our group!
March 2004NOP Logo The new and more sustainable organic chemistry lab course (NOP) now presents 75 organic synthesis experiments and lots of background information concerning green and sustainable chemistry
March 2004We are happy to welcome Mukul Moholkar, Kristina Werner, Britta Noreiks, Mirko Weinhold and Jörg Binder as research trainees in our working group
2004 Cover Textbook: Bernd Jastorff - Reinhold Störmann - Uwe Wölcke "Struktur-Wirkungs-Denken in der Chemie - eine Chance für mehr Nachhaltigkeit" about Thinking in terms of Structure-Activity Relationships (T-SAR) for sustainability is being sold in many copies
January 2004Presentation : University's responsibility: Sustainable Development as literacy in chemists' education of B. Jastorff, J. Ranke and R. Störmann at the OECD-conference Sustainable Chemistry - Integrated Management of Chemicals, Products and Processes in Dessau
January 2004Stefan Stolte is starting his diploma thesis about metabolic transformations of imidazolium ionic liquids. We are happy to welcome him in our group!
April 24, 2003The doctorate honoris causa of the University of Gdansk is confered on the head of our department, Prof. Dr. B. Jastorff. This is celebrated in the Artushof Gdansk also in presence of Prof. Dr. Wilfried Müller, Rektor of the University of Bremen

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